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~*Savor The Taste*~'s Journal
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Sunday, December 1st, 2002
2:36 pm
I'm going to a late lunch with Tony.

Tony is da man!!!

Current Mood: hungry
Thursday, October 31st, 2002
12:19 pm
"Nice Hair!"
My girls and I went to see JackAss last night. Good times. Johnny Knoxville is dead-sexy. Yes.

I've been seriously considering growing weed and selling it. There's nothing to it, right? You plant a few seeds, water it every now and then, and BAM!... Home grown weedies. I don't smoke the stuff, but I know people who do. They say that selling the stuff would make me some mad cash. Okay, so who's with me? Come on... let's be drug dealers!

Happy Halloween by the way.

Current Mood: devious
Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002
9:41 am
My work is opening a new store two bocks away from the one I'm at right now. The grand-opening is on Nov. 1st. I'm going to be working at the new one. This store is bigger than the one in Clairemont. Bleh - I have no desire to fuck up my routine that I've grown accustomed to. I don't want to work in this bigger and busier store.

I am lazy. Can you blame me?

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Wednesday, October 16th, 2002
10:05 am
Punch Me In The Face With Your LIPS...
Last night, Stephanie, Cassie, Gary, some cool kids, and I, met at LIPS. I had never been there. Fun stuff I tell ya. Aside from the huge bill we managed to rack up from eating just a couple of salads and chicken sticks, good times were had. Those ladies put on quite a show! All of them kept groping my boyfriend. Why, you ask? Because he's one hott beef-cake;-)

Current Mood: horny
Monday, October 14th, 2002
9:40 am
I have an older sister named Carmen. Did you know that? Yes, Carmen. Her and I have never really been close. She sees things differently than I do. We both have totally different views. But I love her. I truly love her. When we fight or argue, things have a tendency to get out of hand. And last night, things got way too out-of-hand. She disapproves of me not coming home. She says I'm a bad influence on my younger sisters (Alejandra mainly). I must tell you that Carmen doesn't have any friends. Not one. Her best friend is a lady named Carmen. She's my mom. Yes, Carmen and Carmen, friends forever. I have invited my sister out on several occasions, but every time I do, she tends to come up with some excuse on why she can't go. She's afraid to socialize, to be a part of something. More than anything, I want to be close to her. I wish she wasn't so uptight. I wish she had some friends. I wish she would get the fuck out of San Diego and move into her house in Vegas, because this place is killing her. It is. San Diego is swallowing Carmen alive and I think I'm the only one who sees that. I need her to be happy. I want her to be happy. She hasn't been happy for such a long time. She is such a strong and loving person. Carmen is so full of life.

I love her. I truly love her.

Current Mood: calm
Monday, October 7th, 2002
10:13 am
I keep saying Yo!!!
My 3 day weekend was short but well deserved. I was just excited to have 3 days off in a row. After bitching and complaing to my boss, he finally came through. Now, to convince him of giving me some time off for my 21st birthday...

I had the pleasure of seeing my #1 homie this weekend. She invited Gary and I up to Rancho Santa Marguerita. What kind of name is that?! We went to ShipWreck aka Queen Mary, up in LongBeach. The Queen is a mini Titanic yo! The trio, along with a huge gang of Erin's friends, went balistic in the mazes. Good times everywhere. Then we spent the night at her pad. Her new place rules! Thanx for a memorable weekend homie! You rule!!!

I guess there was some drama while I was gone. What's the dealsky yo?! We're all adults, that shitz gotta stop. Anyways, Im glad things are cleared up. We should all get together and play a game of Crainium. I want our fucking rematch!

Current Mood: devious
Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
2:44 pm
Sipp'n 40oz!!!
I started to fall asleep in my Spanish class today. It's rather embarrassing when the teacher notices you doing this. So on my break I head for the Mesa Cafeteria. Don't worry, I didn't eat any of their food. I purchase a 20oz. coffee instead. Due to this jolt of caffiene, I stay awake for the rest of the class. I continue my school day and by my last class, I am getting sleepy again. I drink another 20ouncer. This makes 40oz. of coffee in one morning. And do you want to know something?... I don't really like the taste of coffee.

And hopefully tonight, I won't break myself while rolling skating. SkateWorld is going to rule!!!

Current Mood: awake
Monday, September 30th, 2002
9:26 am
This weekend, it has come to my attention that I a really good friend of mine is mad at me. And although I've confronted her about this, she refuses to let me know why she's upset with me. I feel pretty damn bad. I love this girl so much and for her to be even remotely dissatisfied with my behavior really hurts. I'd like to apologize for whatever I've done, but that seems pretty damn difficult right now. I hate it when people are mad at me.

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
10:15 am
Am I the only girl on this planet who can't stand this Avril Lavene character?! I mean, she's just too punk-rock for me. Dude, and her song lyrics are just so fucking creative and hard-core. She's definitely the coolest chick around. *Damn I love sarcasm* Seriously, what the fuck is up with her? How did that dumbass teen bopper get a record deal? Dude, that dumb skater song is fucking annoying. She even goes so far as to spell the word "Boy", "Boi". It doesn't get any lamer than that.

Current Mood: enraged
Monday, September 23rd, 2002
10:21 am
Ask Me Why I'm Pissed Off... Go Ahead, Ask Me...
It's Monday morning and for the 100th Monday in a row, I am opening the store. The other two employees attend school on Monday mornings, that's why I'm stuck here. This isn't fair. I'm not his only goddamn employee. My boss was here over the weekend and decided to make a mess of my store. Who does he expect to clean up after him? Yours truly. I'm not getting paid enough for this shit. I used to look forward to going to work but lately things have changed. A lot of people have been making me realize that I deserve better than what I'm getting now. I deserve to be treated better. I hate feeling like this about something that I used to love. I'm just so sick of this. Bleh...

Current Mood: aggravated
Friday, September 20th, 2002
9:21 am
Saves The Day is touring again. They are coming to San Diego on the 5th of November. That's the day before my 21st Birthday. Originally, I was planning on leaving town the night of the fifth. This, however, is an excellent change of plans. I am a happy girl:)

Current Mood: aggressive
Monday, September 16th, 2002
10:40 am
You're Gross!!!
My weekend was amazing. Truly and udderly amazing. It started out with my bestest friends and I going south of the border and getting our drink on in the gayest club down there. Aside from the small drama that evening, we all had a pretty damn good time. I drank 4 Rum&Cokes. I was drunk. We all, aside from Designated Gary, were pretty much wasted. Crossing the border at 3 in the morning is fun, especially when you're harrassing gross girls with gross boyfriends.

There were other highlights this weekend, but I really don't want to go into details. As for right now... I'm at work. This place is messy. Super messy. My next day off is Sunday.

Why does my boss hate me?

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, September 13th, 2002
9:27 am
I own 5 Disney shirts, all purchased from Disneyland. Hey, Im a big nerd, okay?

*The first one I baught was in December of 2001. It has the entire gang of Nightmare Before Christmas on the front of it. It's grey and glows in the dark. Out of my collection of shirts, this one is my favorite. I've worn it so much, that there's a total of 3 holes in it. Infact, there is a little scar of stiches on the back where I sewed one of the holes.

*I'm in love with Pirates. So when I saw DonaldDuck and MickeyMouse in eyepatches, I fell in love. It even says, "Yo Ho Yo Ho! A Pirates Life For Me!!"

*The third shirt I baught is rosey pink with Lilo on it. She's doing some weird hula-dance on the front of it. It's a really girlie shirt and normally I'm not into those. I don't even mind the glitter.

*Monsters Inc. is the movie I star in. I purchased this shirt with all of the monster's pictures and signatures on it. Theres a door where Boo peeks her head out of. Im so cute:)

*And the shirt I'm wearing right now... Damn this thing! It's grey with the entire gang of ToyStory on the front of it. Since I baught it, I've washed it once. Why do I remember this shirt beign longer? Damn this whole 100% cotton thing. They would really pre-shrink these things.

Okay, it's confirmed... I'm a big nerd.

Current Mood: dorky
Monday, September 9th, 2002
9:23 am
I was just informed that Ted Alexander has left Saves The Day. Damnit! I think Tara would agree with me when I say, "Ted was the hott one." He was. Dude, that band changes members more often than I change my underwear.

Current Mood: hungry
Saturday, September 7th, 2002
9:37 am
I started my first week of school on Tuesday. My first class begins at seven in the morning, this could be the reason why Im so tired. The days that I don't go to school, I open the store. I have no sleep in me. I feel drained. However, I am extremely content with the way my skool situation is going at the moment. Maybe it's because it's only the first week and I haven't had time to hate it yet. Yeah, that has to be it.

Im at work and it's a fucking Saturday. How lame is this? I might as well build a bed in the back and live here because it seems like I never leave this place.

Yesterday marked my two month countdown until my 21st birthday. My original plan was to go to Vegas with my homies, but I don't think this is going to happen. I asked for four days off in November and my boss isn't going to give it to me. As much as I love the guy, he said, "Well, if you work on your birthday, you can have the day after off." What a nice guy. (Can you sense my sarcasim?!) How often does a girl turn 21? Do you know how many fucking years I have been waiting for this? Down with this place! I work too damn hard for too little money to be stuck here on my 21st birthday. Four days off isn't too much to ask is it?

Current Mood: aggravated
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002
6:35 pm
Thank you for coming into my work and visiting me. You are just what I needed. I am sorry that I bursted into tears when I saw you. You are such an amazing person and I just wish I could tell you that in some other way, other than crying on your shoulder. I love you. I truly love you. Thank you for staying with me. Thank you for being who you are.

And thank you for my flowers...

Love, Maritza
Friday, August 30th, 2002
9:23 am
"Are you married?"-Pepsi Guy. "No, Im Gay."-Me "That's the story of my life"-Pepsi Guy
Does anyone have 600 dollars that they wouldn't mind giving me? I took my Buick into the car doctor (aka mechanic) yesterday and he was surprised that my engine hadn't blown-up yet. He used the word "yet"... this can't be good. I don't have anywhere near 600 dollars to get this fixed. The really shitty thing is, my dad has two cars and won't let me borrow one of them. Just one. My mom had to give me a ride to work yesterday and then I had to phone a friend to come all the way out to Scripps Ranch and pick me up. I refuse to invest 600 dollars into a vehicle that isn't legally mine in the first place. And besides, I don't have the money to if I did. I love that car. I FUCKING love that car. It's just too damn bad that it's a piece of shit. So tomorrow, I am going to try to trade it in and get a better car. A newer car. A working car. Robert has volunteered to go car shopping with me. I turned him down. This is something that a father should do with his daughter, not a boss with his employee. Wish me luck...

Current Mood: worried
Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
9:15 am
I was rock'n-out in my car on my way to work this morning. There was a Buick infront of me with a bumper sticker that read, "You Betcha Culo I'm Italian." Why does this strike me as so damn funny? Why am I laughing out loud right now? Who uses the word "Culo"??? He-He-He, I wish I had a bumper sticker just like that one. Yeah!

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
12:19 pm
I'd like to invite you to B-I-N-G-O on Thursday. We haven't been to bingo since my last birthday. That was forever and a day ago. I'd really like you to come. If you have a student ID, it only costs seven bucks! Yeah! Cheap-skates for life!

I was thrift store shopping on Sunday and couldn't stop thinking about you. Especially when I was checking out all of their 80's threads. I'm missing you. This isn't good.

Current Mood: melancholy
Friday, August 16th, 2002
5:56 pm
You fuel me...
I loved hanging out with them last night. We need to do that more often. I was cheating at UNO. Now I ask you... Who cheats at UNO? Yeah, me because I am lame and wanted to win. Damn you Joel for actually paying attention to the game! It was awesome seeing Stephanie and Cassie again. She offered me her Blondie ticket but there was NO way I was going to accept it. My god, it's a fucking Blondie ticket! Cassie is quite the sweet-heart. Lester is also terrific for seranading us with Star 100.7 hits. His lil' bro's were cracking me up. Especially the younger one who acted like I once did when I was his age. And Stephanie... We need to hang out more often - enough said. And I was super glad that they were nice to him. We're a great group of kids.

I am happy.

Current Mood: high
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